Guinot Facial Treatments

Introduce your skin to the benefits of professional skincare
with Guinot-trained skincare experts.

GUINOT has more than 40 years experience in beauty care and here at Elegant Lady we have been at the forefront of this brand for over 26years. GUINOT has conquered the hearts of beauty clients all over the world with unique products and treatments that contain active ingredients that are constantly on the cutting-edge of science and technology. GUINOT research in constantly pushing the limits of effectiveness and performance to improve and find new treatment techniques and methods , thereby ensuring the success of GUINOT beauty salons. GUINOT formulates its skin care products with the best active ingredients at optimum concentrates.
GUINOT has entrusted its treatment methods to the best Beauty Therapists in the best beauty salons .During a facial treatment the Beauty Therapist becomes your “Beauty Doctor” and will examine your skin without make-up and performs a personalised consultation at the beginning of each treatment. At the end of the treatment you Beauty Therapist will help you progress towards your beauty objectives by providing you with a personalised GUINOT homecare prescription.

GUINOT Hydraclean €30

Deep cleansing , clear, refined, radiant and relaxed skin

GUINOT Aromatic Facial €60

Healing energy of essentail oils, relaxation and radiance

GUINOT Liftosome €75

Rejuvenating, firming, lifting, collagen facial

GUINOT Age Summum €80

Ultimate anti-ageing 4-phase treatment, Regenerating and firming

GUINOT Hydradermie €65.

Customised treatment suitable for all skin types, for radiant, supple more comfortable skin

• GUINOT Hydraderm Cellular Energy Age Logic €90

Improves wrinkle depth by up to 49.5% while deep cleansing the skin and rehydrating.

GUINOT Hydraderm Cellular Energy €75

GUINOTS newest patented technology, increases the skins oxygen level and accelerates cellular regeneration to give a brighter more youthful complexion.

GUINOT Hydraderm Cellular Energy Lift €85

Anti-Ageing innvoation, Alternative to aesthetic medicine, stimulates the facial muscles to give instant, visible, lifting results

GUINOT Hydraderm Cellular Energy Lift Express was €70 special offer €55

“Quick Lift” Tones the muscles revealing visible results for those who want a quick boost.

Guinot Hydraderm Cellular Energy Longue Vie Soleil €90

this holiday treatment preserves the youthful appearance of skin that has been in the sun and prepares the skin prior to sun exposure.

  • Guinot Hydra Peeling €80

Fruit Acid PH Peeling Facial , deep cleanses and restores radiance to the skin

  • Guinot Lift Summum €80

Lifting treatment that smooths the skin, reshapes the face contour and firms the decollete

  • Guinot Eye Logic Treatment €50

This 45 min treatment firms and plumps the eye contour and forehead for an instant result

  • Eye Logic Treatment (add on to any of the above facials) +€35

Our Ulitmate Anti-Ageing Courses

The Ultimate 3 €220

3 Alternative Treatments to Aesthetic Medicine

Week 1: Age Summum

Week 2: Hydraderm Cellular Energy (HCE)

Week 3: Hydraderm Cellular Energy Lift

Complete Youth Course €275

Week 1: Hydra Peeling

Week 2: Hydraderm Cellular Energy

Week 3: Age Summum

Week 4: Hydraderm Cellular Energy Lift

Please note: All our facials include an eyebrow trim.


Caroline Murphy

I'am Caroline Murphy, owner manager of Elegant Lady Beauty Salon Est.1989. I was a qualified nurse , and at a time when my family was small I wanted to be near home.Elegant Lady began very small, I worked on my own long and late hours to get it going. We have expanded the premises as well as having 3 full time therapists now. I have seen the slow times, the boom and slow times again. now 27 years later we have a very loyal client base, and have seen 2nd generation of families, beginning their skin care journey with us.

Nuala Mc Guinness

Hi, My name is Nuala I have worked in the beauty industry as a therapist for over 20 years. I have seen all kinds of changes in the industry. But my passion is skin care. I have seen many positive changes with clients skin due to our commitment to our product GUINOT skincare and treatments. I look forward to seeing you soon.

Kathleen Blong

Hi. My name is Kathleen I am a beauty Therapist. I have worked for here for over 3 years and have been qualified as a professional for over 20 years.I love All aspects of beauty therapy from waxing to nail care, skin care to Electrolysis. I enjoy working with people and seeing the results they are looking for on a long term basis. I look forward to seeing you at the salon.

Lydia Skelly

My name is Lydia My journey began 6 years ago in the beauty business ,when I qualified Both in CIBTAC & CIDESCO...For the first 3 years I worked in a spa gaining valuable experience . before joining the team at Elegant Lady 3 years ago.I love seeing the amazing results with the Guinot products and treatments.The clients are very happy with the results as well. Look forward to my future in the beauty industry.

Hi my name is Alison Morrissey , I am the newest member of the Elegant Lady team.I am very interested in Beauty therapy and in particular in Make up and the latest beauty trends .

I have enjoyed learning about our skincare brand , Guinot , and seeing the results on ladies skin.Looking forward to meeting all Elegant Lady clients